Links to Cool Stuff!

Some Collection and/or Restoration Pages:

Click here to go to the Falcon Club of America!

Click here to go to The Ford Falcon News, the best set of discussion forums on the Web for Falcons!

Click here for the award-winning New Millennium Falcon, with pages on a number of modifications and restoration projects.

Click here to go to the Ford Falcon Registry, with information ranging from technical specifications to discussion forums.

Click here to go to Joe's Falcon Page, which contains several restoration projects on a '64 Sprint Convertible.

Some Commentary Pages:

Below are several links to a Blog on old cars that refer to Falcons:

Here's one that discusses Rancheros and the origins of the car-truck hybrid. (Only a brief mention
of the Falcon-based US Rancheros.) 

Here's one that describes his own family's Falcon wagon. It's a story a lot of people of the right
age can identify with- their faithful family Falcon!

This one talks about Cobras. The Falcon content is at the end- you'll be surprised what
used to tow the Cobras to the track!

This one describes the not so rare “long-nosed Falcon!”